For hackers/sellers CC

Monetization for your USA CC

Through automated system

Additional profit from your CC USA !!!

- Who this advertisement is addressed to?
This advertisement is primarily intended for those who acquire USA CC database using sniffers and other similar techniques.

- Do you purchase USA CC databases without prepayment (instant)?
If you get USA CC databases with high validity regularly we ready to buy it right away without prepayment on regular basis. You'll have to provide us with screenshots of stats and history in CC shops where you usually sell it.

- What can you offer?
Also we offer an additional method for monetizing your USA CC through automated system of CC information input with the minimal decline of valid rate by 2-5%. At present we get 25% from paypal transfers by cards. 50% of the profit is paid to you. To date, we’ve successfully carried out over 30 000 orders. Our system is tried and tested; it has been brought to perfection in the course of the years. Upon request we can provide admin control panels comprising statistics and other information.

- Why is this model better than an online store model?
In essence, it yields more money than online sale.

- Why does valid rate fall by no more than 2-5%?
95% of data remains intact after processing.

- How can we be sure that you're not engaged in laundering using our database in other projects, and don’t sell the database to off-site online stores?
Our partners are far from being stupid. If we had started to do this kind of thing, they would have noticed the valid rate decline in online stores and would have pulled the plug on us. We realize that getting small money throughout the year is more preferable than receiving one large payment in one go.

- Do you pay more money than online stores?
It depends on the database you’re offering. Valid rate can make up 90% but not all cards will make it into PayPal or vice versa. After processing we create a report in Online Excel and make a 50% payment. Then you put your database up for online sale. You can do this at once, but we recommend you to wait to get more profit. It is advisable to put one portion of database up for online sale, and to provide us the other one, which you then offer for online sale, so that you can see the valid rate difference following the sale and to compare the profit gained.

- What database capacity is acceptable? What is the database processing speed?
We accept USA CC starting with 1k. Recently we’ve increased the convert and processing speed. But again, all depends on the capacity and quality of the database you’re offering. Socks are the main issue. We’ve been working in this regard and have been constantly improving our system.

- Do you have other than PayPal information input?
At present we work with PayPal only. If you have material or interesting topics for input that, in your opinion, are noteworthy, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can discuss this on the forum and negotiate the approval of database providers.

- Why can you be trusted?
We have deposits on many big forums and we are recommended by forum administrators and our partners.

- What are the ways to contact you?
We’ve noticed that since recently some people cannot send us messages through Jabber. Therefore, you can write to admin in PM on Forum (http://flkcpcprcfouwj33.onion/viewtopic.php?id=879) and we’ll be glad to give a reply. Since there are too many scammers nowadays, in case you receive an offer of this kind, ask the sender for a verified PM on the Forum (http://flkcpcprcfouwj33.onion/viewtopic.php?id=879).